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Painting of a barn roof using acrylic materials

Painting of a barn roof using acrylic materials

I received a call from a homeowner in Wittenberg . They were in need of pressure washing and painting of a barn roof and I convinced them I was the best man for the job. I was contracted to wash and put the new roof coating on. This was a simple roofing job. Yet I knew there could be great results from a little extra effort. While pressure washing metal roofing is easy enough, it cannot always yield the best possible results if not also paired with some form of pre or post treatment. Looking at this roof from the road, I knew that the mold and algae growing on it had been there for years. The owners couldn’t actually remember when it was last done. Then came along Davis Enterprise with the proper equipment and procedures to transform this dirty roof into a clean and bright white welcome home sign.

Starting out with a pretreatment solution, I could see the algae and other organic dying off right before my eyes. Other washers would skip this, which would cause it to grow back rapidly which results in a waste of money and a hack job. With the pressure washer fired up, I began to do edging and corners which create crisp and clean lines to really distinguish between your beautiful, clean roof anmd walls and your neighbors’. Next, I skipped the elementary “wanding” technique and used a dedicated surface cleaner to ensure even and flawless results and finished with a “post treatment” to continue to clean the roof for a few hours. This added brightness and further destroyed organic growth hiding in the smallest of cracks. Last we applied 2 coats of Instacoat Acrylic. Leaving this old dirty roof to be a roof to be desired.

Thanks for putting your trust in us Gale!

Service provided: Roofing Services

Budget: 3500

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    Instacoat Acrylic Roofing

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